Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekly-Wrap Up: After Schooling

And here we begin, re-joining the weekly wrap-up :). Although we do utilize public school/daycare for our boys, they are not getting everything they need during the day. Eli is definitely underchallenged, and continues to come up with new ways to make mischief. Itty Bitty needs a little extra encouragement and support. I am a HUGE believer in the Montessori method, and believe in child-led learning...and that learning doesn't stop in school.

So what happened this week?

Even with beginning after schooling, the week was somewhat stressful for the adults, with too many items on our agenda.

Hence, there was probably too much of this:

Still, he did manage to practice violin and piano at least twice this week, although his music theory work is still untouched...I'm going to have to get after him a little bit tomorrow :). I tried to get a picture of him practicing, but all of them were so blurry, I didn't bother to use them.

Eli has being showing a lot of interest in cursive writing lately, so he chose to spend some time practicing.

We also began working on grade 2 subjects on IXL, and Eli completed at least one lesson in each of the four content areas this week.  Eli has also shown a renewed interest in all things Korean, and asked if we would reload Rosetta Stone onto his ancient laptop. He surprised himself with how successful he was, and was thrilled that the program had him speaking a few words within about five minutes. He really doesn't understand yet WHAT he said...but it's a start.  He's shown interest in Duolingo for Spanish, too, so I may give him a chance to start this week, just to see what he can do.

Eli continued working on his reading challenge. As of now, he's in the middle of reading "Night of the Ninjas" by Mary Pope Osbourne (a Magic Treehouse book, this will count as his mystery) and he began reading "Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Part 1"by "Zack Zombie", which counts as the first book in a series.

Itty Bitty is doing great with some of the new things we've been working on; he loves putting his laundry (and everything else) in the laundry basket, and really enjoys washing his hands. We focused on working on a lot of his occupational and speech therapy goals this week. He is absolutely using the word "out" frequently, consistently, and with meaning. He is definitely trying to communicate more :), both in sign language and his own toddler-ease babble. We worked on picking up large-knob puzzle pieces and putting them back in place (OUT is easy for him, IN is not). We are working on how use use various types of cups and straws, and with the encouragement of his speech teacher, we've begun NOT thickening small amounts of water for him to practice swallowing thin liquids. We also worked on stacking blocks, playing his apps on Kindle (especially read aloud books on Reading Rainbow) and playing airplanes/cars.

The books we read with Itty Bitty this week include the "Pout-Pout Fish" by Deborah Diesen and "Noisy Dinosaurs".

Weekly Wrap-Up

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