Sunday, January 15, 2017

Adoption Talk Link Up: 2017 Intro

Our family has been through a lot of changes in the last year. Many years ago, my husband, P and I started the adoption process, and a couple years later, brought home our first child, Eli, from Korea.  More on this here. When Eli was almost four, we decided that it was time to consider adoption again. This time, though, P and I both felt drawn to consider foster care adoption in our state, and committed to becoming a foster family for a year.  Within a very few months of starting the process, we had our first foster child, W. Less than two months later W's arrival, we received a call about a newborn baby...and received Itty Bitty. In the first twelve months of being a foster family, we had FIVE foster children (no more than two at a time!). At the end of the year, we decided to re-certify for a second year, as we still had Scooter and Itty Bitty, and we were still going strong.  We've now officially been a foster family for 23 months. This year, we will re-certify again, but only because Itty Bitty is still a member of the foster care system; we do not have plans to foster another child until Itty Bitty is older.  Though I cannot yet talk openly and candidly about all that has transpired in Itty Bitty's case, we are still hoping, praying, and expecting to be able to adopt him : ).

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  1. Oh boy, can I relate to so many posts here! I just read through a bunch of back posts ... and while I can't say I enjoyed them all due to the nature of some of them ... I found them really beautiful and honest. I look forward to following along here.

  2. I so badly want to foster. I think it will be even stronger once the kids go to school in the fall, and I'm home alone all day.