Friday, November 11, 2016


Sunny's transition to a new family is now underway.

Sunny is still with us, and will be for a few more days.  However, she and Family B spent some time together yesterday...and it was beautiful. A better match could not have been found...two parents (and a much older sister) who are fully vested in her, understand her needs and understand that she'll need a lot of support...and who are not only able to give her what she needs, but are excited to be able to have the opportunity.

I had tears rolling down my face last night, trying to express to my husband exactly how right they looked, sounded, and felt together. I'm sad that she won't be with us, but am experiencing an overwhelming sense of peace that the home of Family B is where Sunny needs to be.

After a few hours together yesterday, we parted.  We spent time having a heart-to-heart about Sunny's past and present. When Sunny met them, she was initially shy, and didn't talk at first...but soon overcame herself and began interacting with them.  When we left, they were excited about a day-long time together coming up soon. Sunny was crying because she didn't want to say "bye" to them. I was crying tears of joy that I finally have peace in my heart about her future.

Sunny bounced excitedly into preschool today, announced she had a "new sister" and was talking about visiting Family B and moving soon. The next step is for her to spend the entire day with Family B, a few days before moving.  A few weeks after her move, when she's in a good routine and feeling more settled, they'll begin switching her preschool to one that is closer to their home.

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