Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I'm Back!

Ok, after what feels like a huge (unintentional!) hiatus from blogging, I have returned! The summer and the beginning of the new school year have been hectic with appointments and ALL THE THINGS that had to be done. On top of that, Eli and I both managed to get quite sick already, and we had a death in our family. I have some great pictures and fun stories (and not-so-fun-stories) that I really want to blog, and I do have quite a few upcoming posts planned...and I'm really hoping that I can carve out the time I need to make it happen!

In the meantime, a snapshot of everyone...

My dear husband is quietly snoring away. The exhaustion is real, but he is LOVING his new job. The people are great, and he is truly enjoying teaching again.

I am now teaching a mixture of mathematics classes for only one grade level (8th). It's been an interesting year so far...and it does make me miss the hectic days of teaching "one of everything" to three different grade levels. It's still disconcerting to walk past my old classroom (that I had for 9 years) to my new one...but I'm finally starting to settle in.

Eli is doing GREAT overall. He's had some issues this year, with illness (already!) and occasional behavior issues (but with behaviors that are very typical of boys his age). On the whole, he has settled into Kindergarten very well. We really like his teacher and the fact that she does try to challenge him and keep him learning.

Sunny is still with us. We have no idea what direction her case is going to's very much up in the air. We should know more about what plans are going to be made for her in the next 3-5 months. In the meantime, she is beginning to make some amazing gains of her own...including counting out TEN rice crackers tonight after I told her that she could have as many as she could count out (I was expecting 3 or 4...). We've backslid a little bit in a few areas, with her challenging us with some negative behaviors...and demonstrating some stress-related behaviors (like nighttime accidents) but she actually seems to be settling down again. She's becoming very active and is beginning to really put sentences, stories, and cause-effect events together.

Itty Bitty is SUCH a sweetheart of a toddler. It's so easy to love on and dote on him...he just soaks it up! He is beginning to walk with support (either holding hands or use a weighted push toy), and he can usually pull to stand.  He's definitely repeating some of the words we say, though he doesn't use them on his own. Right now, he can manage "oma", "no-no-no-no", and "yea".  We're currently working with a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech/feeding therapist, and a child-life therapist that identifies his overall strengths/interests/needs and lends us specific toys to help him meet his goals. His biggest change is that he's about to get glasses!  We're hoping he'll keep them on...: /. His case has taken some pretty crazy twists and turns, especially lately. I'll be sharing what I can when I can.

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