Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The End of a Preschool Era

I can't believe it actually happened "for real" this time...Eli has graduated from Pre-k! Because he took part in older classes in previous years, he's been through several preschool graduations ceremonies, but this is the first time that he will be moving on from preschool to "big-kid" elementary school.

The program itself was adorable, hilarious, and very well done. I had no idea that, at the beginning of the ceremony, confidently leading his class in a chant as they marched onto the stage, would be my very own baby boy. They chanted "Everywhere we go...people wanna know...who we are...so we tell them....we are the prek...the mighty, mighty prek!" He led, and his class repeated each line after him. I was bursting with pride watching him so self-assured, so much so that I was unable to get my video camera going!

The rest of the ceremony was very well done; the kids said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang about their presidents (in historical order), the continents, the oceans, demonstrated a choral count (to 50), and did some fun songs like the "Tooty Ta," that included a hysterically funny dance.  Eli chuckled when I had tears on the last song (entitled "Goodbye Friends")...but I think he'll understand better in a few days when he no longer attends preschool. We've been very fortunate that he's been able to attend the same small preschool for 3 years, and I am so glad that my foster children are able to attend such a great place!

Watching the slide show of pictures from the school year!

The happy graduate, after his ceremony!
It was really special, too, that the children were given nice "goody bags," certificates of completion, and school shirts with their class picture on it...and the parents were given "graduation pictures" as a special surprise! Eli received an additional surprise from Patrick and I....a Dr. Who illustrated encyclopedia....and he was beyond THRILLED : ).

I am so proud of my sweet boy! And, while I'm nervous/anxious about him attending Kindergarten next school year, I am confident that his new school will be a great fit for him.  Still, it's bittersweet to see him leave this part of his childhood behind...how is it possible that he's old enough for BIG KID school??

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