Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It's been almost a week since a certain someone waltzed into our home...and we are very thankful that we made the decision to say "yes" once again. I've been struggling to come up with a blog blog-name for her, but at the moment, I think I'm planning to call her "Sunny", as this reflects her (typical) temperament. She is a spirited, sassy, sweet little girl who definitely livens things up a little...and it's interesting to have 3 strong-willed children in the house : ). She has the creativity and exuberance of Pippi Longstocking, the sheer determination and craving for love/approval as Roald Dahl's Matilda, and the indomitable spirit of each. She adores Eli, and is not sure what to think about Michael, as she has not really been around any babies. She craves attention and sympathy, and is extremely verbal for her age. We are, in turns out, at least her 3rd foster home in less than 3 weeks, not because of any fault of hers, but because other homes could only take her on a respite (short term) basis.

So far, her transition has been pretty good. She's done (and is doing) a lot of grieving, and still seems "off-kilter" from so many changes so close together.  She is somewhat tantrum/meltdown prone, though this is definitely improving. Even so, she's remarkably advanced for her age and has been surprising me frequently with her interests and what she knows. Eli is having some difficulty remembering that she's still two years younger than he...because she talks and acts a year or two older most of the time, and can keep up with him on the playground (most of the time).  While Eli and Sunny have had their share of disagreements (already!), their relationship is also already surprisingly close.  Sunny seeks Eli out and wants to copy him and earn his approval. Eli has been looking out for her, and likes to play with her, though he has been through so many changes lately and her energy level is so high, that he needs frequent breaks for alone or one-on-one time.

We've had a couple of really sweet bonding moments, lately, though, so I have a follow up post planned soon : ).


  1. Your Sunny sounds like a combination of my two daughters. And my son, whose name is also Eli, sounds a lot like yours. What a beautiful thing you are doing, keeping your heart and home open to those who need it.

    1. Thank you...but don't give us too much credit :). We fully intended on closing our home, and surprised each other with our willingness to accept Sunny. BUT...we are so, so glad we did!