Tuesday, January 26, 2016


So, the time has come for Patrick and I to recertify our home as a foster home. Believe it or not, I think we discussed RE-certification more than becoming a foster home in the first place.  But I know that we are definitely on the same page.

The reality for us is that we are trying our best to help kids...but are feeling burned out after only one year.  Some of the issues are personal...we've had a lot of family illness this winter, for one. Some of them are, perhaps, petty....from being tired of documenting EVERYTHING, to not even being able to carry Tylenol in my purse (since medications have to be double-locked), to having a caseworker scrutinize my son's toy bow-and-arrow set (which has ZERO sharp edges or points).

We got into foster care to help kids and to (hopefully) be able to adopt again. We decided to recertify - for one more year - for the same reasons, regardless of our other concerns.  We are still hoping to adopt Itty Bitty, though it may not be an easy road in the long run. I can honestly say that however Itty Bitty's case goes, I do not think we will want to continue to foster after his eventual adoption (either by us or by one of his relatives).  I can say that Patrick's and my mutual interest in adoption hasn't waned a bit, and it may be that we decide, later, to pursue another domestic or international adoption when Itty Bitty is 3 or 4 (assuming he is still with us).

We have a lot of questions that we will be praying about throughout the year, as we travel down the foster care path a little while longer....but I really think we may need a break after this year, possibly sooner.  In the meantime, we are still open to possibilities, and we are still caring for Scooter, who is a sweetie.

Normally, I try not to post all of my doubts/negativity, but just really felt like I needed to put it all out there today.

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