Saturday, December 26, 2015


So. After dealing with Scooter's stomach bug....and catching it myself...I thought Eli might have caught the stomach bug.

I was wrong.  The only people who got the stomach virus were Scooter and I. You may remember that I took Eli to doctor and that he was coughing and throwing up in the office. The next day, he was a little better...though not quite right. Sunday, was neither better nor worse, though Patrick had to go alone to light the Advent candles at church, since I am not a fan of spreading illness.

Monday, Eli was much worse. We went back to the doctor, and she was surprised at how lethargic he was and how poorly he was feeling. I'd given him acetaminophen before the appointment for fever, but it continued to rise at the doctor's office, up to 103. She wrote an order for a chest x-Ray, and sent us across the street to the hospital to have it done. On the way across the street, I got a call from the preschool saying that Scooter might not be feeling well, too. Thank heavens for Patrick's parents for going to get him for me!

I was also thankful for the days I worked with my good friends at the animal shelter...and the fact that they taught me to read chest x-Rays for cats. Pneumonia in cats and pneumonia in people shows up identically...and it was easy for me to see that Eli had a clear case of double pneumonia. Later, that night, Eli began to spike a higher fever around midnight, at 104 degrees. We called and paged the doctor on call, and worked to bring his fever down. I gave him a breathing treatment to help him breathe. He relaxed, the fever began to break, and his breathing eased. I put him to bed.

About an hour or two later, I heard him begin to whimper. I called out to see if he was okay...and he only whimpered. Upon checking him, we realized that he had thrown up, and was too tired to get up and ask for help. We cleaned him up, and I put him in our recliner to sleep, where I could keep a closer eye on him. Around 3:30 AM, he began to have some trouble breathing. It was almost time for ibuprofen and a breathing treatment, so I waited up with him and watched him carefully. When the medicine didn't seem to make a difference, I took him to the emergency room.

Because he was having so much trouble breathing due to the pneumonia, we found ourselves being transferred to the children's hospital by ambulance, where he was admitted for treatment. We were very thankful that he rebounded quickly and was released from the hospital in time for Christmas :). And Eli, at least, is still getting well quickly. We still have a couple follow up appointments to make sure the pneumonia is gone....but after being so frightened about how sick he was, it is definitely a relief to have some reassurance.

In the meantime, Scooter started coughing...and Itty Bitty started with a runny nose...and I started coughing. After yet another check at the pediatrician, Itty Bitty seems to have just a cold...while Scooter has now been diagnosed with pneumonia. A later check with my doctor revealed that I, also have a case of pneumonia.

At this point, I am glad that Eli is on the mend, and that Itty Bitty is currently in the clear. We are hoping that we will all be well - or close enough - soon.    Now, if only I can get caught back up on my never-ending housework...

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