Sunday, December 20, 2015


Well, it would appear that God has a great sense of humor. No sooner did I hit "post" on my last entry...the one where I said "it had been a while since I'd heard from the children's home"....than I got a phone call from them. It was for a 3 year old boy, part of a sibling group, who needed a place to stay immediately.  Oddly, I didn't even ask my usual questions...I don't know what got into me...but I simply said "yes."  Then, I asked if I could take care of his (younger) sister as well. Unfortunately, the sister was ill with a stomach virus and had been placed quickly so as to get her medical care.  And, later, when Scooter was on his way to our house, I was told that he had begun to vomit as well.


I put in for a sub for the next day, asked for registration papers at the preschool, and went home to ready the spare bed for a preschooler.  Patrick took Eli to his piano lesson (at which Eli behaved abominably) while I waited for updates and Scooter's arrival.  Around 9 that evening, the transporter and a representative from the children's home arrived with a shy, confused little boy. Then, we began to review paperwork....and saw that the recorded birthday placed his age at 2, not 3.  None of us knew if he was 3 - as reported - or if the birthdate on the paperwork was correct.  Honestly....we still aren't sure.  We are going by the paperwork birthday for school and medical appointments for now, while our foster care worker is trying to get to the bottom of the situation.  We did have an interesting night, but although Scooter was initially unhappy about going to bed, we were able to soothe him with a few stories and some comforting hugs. I was very, very happy to hear him speak...he is the first foster child out of the 4 that we have had who could put 2-4 words together.

The next morning, I dropped Eli and Itty Bitty off at preschool/daycare and took Scooter to the store for some clothing and a toy to call his own. I set up his initial medical evaluation, and let him have a quiet, easy day to begin settling. He earned his nickname the first afternoon, scooting around on every ride-on toy that we have.

Later that night, we went to enjoy watching Eli at his Christmas program for preschool. It was really cute...and, as always in a group of four year olds on was hilarious.  Scooter stood up and cheered and clapped after every single song and rectitation....and since every kid was supposed to individually recite part of "The Night Before Christmas", that was a LOT of cheering.  It was cute, though.

Unfortunately, the next evening, it became apparent that I managed to catch Scooter's stomach bug : (, and missed the rest of the week at school as a result.  Eli also managed to come down with some weird virus that has left him with a fever, body aches, and cough.  I took him to the doctor Saturday morning for this...and he began vomiting while we were there. And, since he's completely potty-trained...neither of us had a change of clothes. Needless to say, he missed his Advent reading at church this morning, and is still not feeling very well.  He may be about to get his first flu shot, as he was negative on the flu test at the doctor's office.  Hoping that he feels better tomorrow, when we go back to the doctor for a re-check...and for Itty Bitty's 6 month old vaccinations and well check.

And speaking of Itty Bitty, we have an early intervention appointment coming up this week, too.  I've been looking at him more closely since we 'failed' the initial evaluation (he still cannot play with his feet while lying on his back). While there definitely are things he doesn't do that other many 6 month old babies CAN do, I'm still not sure if anything is actually wrong...or if he's just moving to the beat of his own drum. He does seem "tight" or stiff in the shoulders/upper arms...and he doesn't usually grab for toys (he can...he just doesn't usually do it).  But...he's trying to crawl (he mostly slithers backwards and pivots), he adores bouncing, and he is definitely standing very well.  Today marks the first time that I saw him get into an "all fours" position to try to crawl, and I have been seeing him "mouth" toys.  He does have a few other milestones that are hit/miss for now...but he is progressing in all areas.  It will be interesting to see if he qualifies for services.  I'm hoping that lots of time at home during these next few weeks will help him, too, since he'll have a lot more one-on-one time. Hopefully, we'll be able to have both of his intake evaluations done over the holidays...and I'm thankful that I was able to get all but one of Scooter's follow-ups scheduled for the holiday weeks, as well.

Now, I've got to get to wrapping presents, and prepping for the holidays : )!


  1. So sorry to hear you've been sick! I know my hands always get dry and cracked from washing so much when we have extra kids in the house, as I try to avoid whatever they inevitably bring with them. Hoping you're feeling better now and that the two new little ones settle in quickly (if you're getting baby sister, as well, that is).

  2. We tried to get sister, but no dice yet...and yes, between the hand washing and the constant chasing kids with tissues, it's definitely a challenge....but thanks for the good wishes!