Monday, December 14, 2015

Advent Update

It's so nice to back and to have a little time to write this week! I'm surprised that we haven't gotten a call from our foster agency, asking us to take another child, but it's still just us + Itty Bitty.  When W left, I was so excited to get another child, to feel less sad about his leaving. After Wonder Boy left, I REALLY needed a break to get my bearings...and then we'd all gotten under the weather, and needed time to get better.  Now, I'm ready.  I think.  It's hard to really FEEL ready...but I am as close as I can get.

We made it to the Christmas party at our foster agency on Saturday, though, and it was wonderful!!  I can't thank them enough for everything...Eli had a BLAST doing art projects and meeting Santa.  If you remember, he was angry at Santa for not giving kids in orphanages presents for Christmas. And, in fact, I expected him to take one look at "Santa" and reject him as a person in costume, as he has done so many times before.  This time, though, he looked at Santa, and said to me, quietly, "Is that the REAL Santa, or a man in costume?"  I asked him, "What do YOU think, Eli?  Look at him again."  He started bouncing and got incredibly excited : ), saying "It's him!  It's really him!  Oh! Oh!  Can I go see him? Can I talk to him?!"  A few moments later, Eli went airborne as he HURLED himself at Santa.  Thankfully, everyone recovered enough that I *think* the pro photographer might have gotten some good pictures. My only pic is a little blurry, and since it shows so much of Itty Bitty's face, I cannot post it. In the meantime, Eli's heart has been a lot lighter and happier since he decided that Santa had come to the foster agency's party to make sure that the foster children got their gifts (after all, they are not in their actual homes for Christmas).

Sunday brought more interesting things to do. The children's choir at our church replaced the adult choir for the entire church service this week; truthfully, they did amazingly well. I kinda wished Eli would quit giving me a thumbs-up every 2 or 3 minutes, and I definitely wished he would quit squirreling around and trying to talk to me (in the pew) from the choir loft, but he did amazingly well remembering the words to the songs.  His friend, R, got up and sang a GORGEOUS solo - a capella - of  all 3 verses of 'Go Tell It On The Mountain'.  Later that evening, we went to the church's family Christmas celebration, but, unfortunately, Eli was WOUND UP and acted very poorly. Still, we were able to enjoy some of the festivities before it was definitely time to take Eli home for bed.  Itty Bitty, by contrast, was very relaxed and happy the entire time. I'd brought the stroller for him, but he wanted to snuggle, so I ended up carrying him most of the evening : ).

This upcoming week should be very interesting; Eli has a piano lesson (the last one before New Year's), a book club meeting (I'm thankful this is only a month-long club!), and a performance with his class at school.  Yeesh!  This is a LOT for us...we actively try NOT to be away from home during the week : ).  Did I mention that I promised Eli that I'd take him ice skating soon, too?!  This is not to mention that our social worker is probably going to want to do a home visit sometime this week...!

Still, it's nice to be winding down the semester at school and getting ready for some quality family time!  I bought fabric for Itty Bitty's stocking, and am HOPING to have time to quilt it this week...though it's looking busy...but I am determined to get it done : ).  I'll post pics when it is finished!

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