Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wonder Boy Is Leaving

So, while on the way home from the pediatrician (since all 3 kids are now sick), I received a call from Wonder Boy's caseworker.  She explained that a foster home has been found who is able to take Wonder Boy and his siblings, so that they can be together.

While we are glad for the chance for Wonder Boy to be with his siblings, it did take me by surprise.  We didn't even know that they were looking for one! It doesn't surprise me, though, as he has a fantastic caseworker who really cares about the children and is working hard to help them. Honestly, we'd only begun to bond with Wonder Boy, so his transition out of our home will not be as hard for us as it might be for him. His behaviors have made it very difficult to even begin to bond. Even Eli was pretty nonchalant when I told him the news. I sincerely hope that someone continues to pursue speech services for Wonder Boy, as he desperately needs them.  He is a smart boy who needs a little help catching up.  Being with his brothers, too, will be best for him long term.

And I might as well admit, in the interest of brutal honesty, a small part of me is very relieved that he is leaving, and my guess is that Patrick and Eli have similar feelings.  As badly as Patrick and I would love to adopt again, we had no intention of adopting Wonder Boy. Partly because we felt that our parenting style isn't what Wonder Boy needs, and partly because we feel strongly that he should be with his brothers (and we're not up for adopting a group of 3). Some people would be offended to hear that, but they aren't in my shoes.  And trust me when I say: I am surprised as anyone that I would pass on adopting a child (any child). So, we're back to prayerfully waiting on another child to be placed in our home; hopefully a child whom we might be able (and willing) to adopt. This time around, though, instead of being open for calls immediately, I requested that our agency wait until Itty Bitty gets well before calling us with another foster placement. In the meantime, I have packing to do for Wonder Boy, so that he will be ready for the transporter tomorrow.

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