Monday, September 28, 2015

Touch a Truck Event

Recently, we went to a 'touch-a-truck' event, and Eli had a BLAST!  If you're not familiar with these, a lot of cities do them, so that kids have an opportunity to see inside (or, in this case, even GET inside) different types of public service vehicles.

At this one, we even saw a LifeFlight helicopter, and Eli couldn't wait to get inside!

He quickly figured out how to do the seatbelt/harness and strapped himself in - then very seriously asked if he could go for a ride.  He was disappointed that it wasn't an option.

He got to meet a K-9 officer : )!  This was one of my favorite parts!

He got to check out the inside of a police cruiser.

Then, he got to CLIMB inside a forestry commission truck. He found out what "that string up there" does when he pulled on it. The forestry representative thought it was hilarious when the horn sounded...and after the initial surprise of hearing the (VERY LOUD) horn, so did Eli.  He proceeded to honk a few more times, just for fun.

I actually think that the forestry truck was his favorite, edging out the helicopter, which was a surprise to all of us.  We had a hard time getting him to move on!  He said he might want to be a "forest guy" when he grows up...he loved the idea of fighting forest fires and driving a bulldozer.

The fire truck is always a favorite, too, of course! Notice how all of the doors/drawers are open for kids to see inside. This was the case for ALL of the vehicles, and the drivers/service men were happy to show the kids around and explain what all of their equipment is for.

At the end of the day, we were all worn out, but it was definitely worth it. Eli and Itty Bitty had fun!

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