Monday, June 22, 2015

New Guy

So, right as we have been dealing with the death of one of our beloved horses (she developed a fatal, infection), we got a call from our foster agency.

AND....we have a new guy! He's the main reason I have taken a brief break from blogging. We got a call the day before our wedding anniversary to see if we might be interested in picking up a baby boy from the hospital NICU the following morning. He had some struggles to overcome,  but was holding his own. P and I discussed his situation briefly and jumped in with a YES to this little guy. He was super tiny when he came home, but is gaining weight like a champ.  And other than some struggles with reflux, he is doing really well. It is definitely a huge adjustment to have a newborn in the house, but we are managing well. That said, tonight was the first night in a few weeks that we were able to time a meal with one of his naps and all eat at the table. It's also the first night I really cooked (other than some heat n eat type foods) since he came home. Last night was the second night in a row that he slept for three two-hour stretches, so we're beginning to get a little more rest as well (& P and I are tag teaming naps during the day when we need to).

We're getting used to a new normal, just as I have gotten a reminder call from one of our caseworkers that W will be leaving us soon, too, though we don't have a date yet.