Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up...The One With the Book Sale!

I love books...and I adore great sales!  I found out years ago that, twice a year, a local book publisher/distributor has a massive sale to liquidate their 'extras'.   All books are 50-80% off of the cover price...and some books are even cheaper. This time, they had a special deal where you could fill a box (with preselected titles) for a $25 per box, or you could fill a plastic shopping bag (again, only with certain books) for $5. The week, they had their sale and I took both boys shopping. We had a great time and came home with some awesome choices!

Some of these books are titles that Eli has wanted all year, and I made a list to look for at the sale. In fact, two of the titles he wanted were included in the $5 bag...and the original price on them was more than $20 per book!  We were able to find most of what we were looking for, and then some.  W even got excited when he found a Bubble Guppies book and a Thomas the Tank Engine book : ).  We even brought home two science kits (not pictured): one on dinosaurs and one on carnivorous plants. Each kit has different activities to go along with a book, and they look like lots of fun. I was excited to purchase them for 80% off of the original price.

This is great for us, because Eli is really zooming through a lot of reading lessons lately, and is going to need some reading material for the summer. It won't be long before he tackles the summer reading program at the library again.  He blasted through his Language Arts this week, and the last two chapters we're working on are primarily review. He's been able to complete the Language Arts assignments with little or no help, and I think he's really ready to move on. He worked on learning the sight words "about" and "because" this week, and we checked in to see how many sight words he knew already (almost all).

We are continuing to read "Frog and Toad Are Friends", and I think it's the perfect book for Eli's reading level: difficult enough that he's learning new words, but not difficult enough to be frustrating.

In math, Eli is going through a period of intense learning again. He's been in a period of consolidation/practice for a while, and has just recently started to take off again. We're still working in Life of Fred: Butterflies, but I took a little time off this week to do some skills practice with him in his Stars Wars workbooks. We've been working on representing place value with base 10 blocks and on adding 10 to a two digit number. Then, Eli got excited about counting by twos - partly because it was introduced in LoF, partly because he found a 2's worksheet with a Star Destroyer (from Star Wars) on it.  After he mostly figured out the 2's to 30, he asked about 3's, so I showed him briefly how to do it.  He got really absorbed in his work, so I was able to sneak off and get a picture!

Working with a combination of Montessori beads (iPad) and base 10 blocks

We also took some time for me to teach him a card game that involves all of the pairs of numbers that add up to 10; I'm hoping to practice this with him this week!

W has been really trying to get in on all of the fun. He really wants to do 'work' while Eli's working, so I'm taking advantage of it.  This week, when Eli was working on Language Arts, I've been setting W up with art supplies: markers, scissors, etc. One night, in fact, he spent 20 minutes cutting up a piece of paper...and had a marvelous time!  I love seeing him really focus and concentrate.  He is definitely starting to learn a few letters of the alphabet. I think he is now beginning to recognize "A" and "B", though he does think that "B" and "E" are the same. He's curious about everything, and is still constantly asking "what that?  what that?".  He is definitely learning a few color names, even though he doesn't always associate them with the correct colors : ), and he's learned quite a few shape names: star, rectangle, circle, triangle.  He's also getting better at matching items that are alike. When Eli was working on math today, W went and got out his "Inchimals" and we talked about "big", "small", and "same size".  W also did some tracing activities on the iPad this week, working on his fine motor skills and visual perception.  He's getting a LOT better about dressing/undressing and following simple one and two-step directions.  He still really doesn't understand a lot of what we say to him, but he is attempting to say a lot more.  He's trying to repeat a lot of what he hears, and I was particularly impressed when he put together the sentence "He under table" when I asked where Eli was earlier today. 

All in all, we've been productive!  We have a few more things to finish up for Language Arts, but I'm looking forward to a summer of field trips and fun!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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