Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sweet Moments

Part of the issue with having a temporary child is that one day, he will leave, and we will MISS him!! 

But in the meantime, there's some real bonding going on. In the midst of a a few difficult behaviors that have surfaced (most of which are age-related and not because of his situation), we have also seen some truly wonderful pieces of his loving personality.

Yesterday, Eli had the option of playing with either the Kindergarten kids after school, or playing with the three year olds (which is where W is).  Eli always goes with the Kindergarteners, mostly because he usually needs to finish his home school work that I sent for the day - but partly because he loves playing with the big kids. 

When I went to pick the kids up, a teacher stopped me to tell me that Eli had decided to go to the 3 year old room that afternoon. She said that Eli told her that he thought W might be lonely, and that he wanted to play with him.  Once he walked into W's classroom, W leaped out of his chair and hurled himself at Eli, wrapping him in as big a bear hug as a 3 year old can manage.  They were sweetly playing when I went back to pick them up.

As difficult as any major transition is, it's wonderful to see them get along so well.

We even managed to fit in some lessons with W on doing puzzles and learning letters...and while Eli didn't finish all of his home school work, he did get some time on StarFall and Khan Academy after karate.

It's also wonderful to report that we actually all got a full night's sleep last night!  W was asleep within 3 minutes of laying down with NO complaining or crying.  Hopefully W's first dentist appointment will go well this afternoon, and we'll have another peaceful evening.

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