Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One For the Record Books

So....Eli strikes again!

First, he was so cute yesterday when I picked him up from school. He'd had a great day and was really proud of himself .He's really, really trying to do well this week.  He is definitely learning character lessons in karate that he's trying to apply. He WANTS to do well...which is great.

But sometimes, I think his brain is working so fast that he gets carried away.  Or he's wired a little differently (a lot of gifted kids are). Sometimes he seems like the most logical person in the room.  But inevitably, as soon as that thought occurs to me, he does something that the rest of us wouldn't have thought of (or that we think is really weird).

Like eating his attendance card while waiting on karate class to begin.


My 4 year old, who is mature beyond his years and is homeschooling grade levels above his peers ATE HIS ATTENDANCE CARD.  Okay, let me be honest - he only ate half of it. And yes, the half he turned in was seriously soggy.  Yes, I gave him a snack before class, and NO he wasn't hungry.

Is it sad that part of me really wishes he wouldn't do stuff like this...and part of me wants him to continue because it's hilarious later?

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