Monday, March 23, 2015

Not a Weekly Wrap-Up

This was the week that the weekly wrap-up didn't happen!  I fell off of the train, so to speak : ). We definitely did have a great, educational week, though.

For one, Eli finally finished reading The Cat in the Hat and started reading The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. His reading fluency is improving by leaps and bounds on a weekly basis, and even I can't believe how quickly he's learning.

We completed several more lessons in Life of Fred: Apples for math; enough to where I felt confident in ordering the next book in the series (Butterflies). Eli is loving the Apples book and often brings it to me to read.

In science, we've discussed what wasp larvae are (we found some while I was working in the yard) and the differences between worms and small snakes.  Eli's been asking to work on his SNAP kit, but we've quite literally had no time to do so.

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