Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up...Reading, Cooking, and Cleaning

So, this week started with Eli screaming "Look, look, look..l - o -o-k". This is what he was referring to:

He loves it when he's able to make a word he seems like it is happening more often. It's really funny, because he can read a lot of words, but usually cannot spell them on his own.  Earlier today, he had an attempt at a sentence: "Eli is a appl" (Eli is an apple). We're reading "Sideways Stories From Wayside School" at night before bed...and in the first chapter, the teacher tries to turn the kids into apples...then gets turned into an apple herself.  Now Eli thinks he would like to be an apple.  I'm just thinking that it's a nice change from Eli wanting to (quite literally) turn into a turtle.

With Eli's reading practice, we've decided to hold off on introducing new phonics rules for a while and to simply have him continue to practice reading from some of his books. Last week, when he read "Green Eggs and Ham" aloud to us, we decided to reward him with book tokens for his storybook app. He got really excited, and asked to read to us more, so that he can earn more tokens! So, this week, Eli is reading "Are You My Mother?" by PD Eastman.  He chose this book, and is reading 1 or 2 pages a night.  Tonight, he actually got on a roll and read 4 pages! He's actually almost done, and is really excited about it.  We've told him that when he finishes reading it to us, that we will given him a book token for his favorite storybook app on the iPad. I've meant to record him reading, but have not yet done so. Ms. E gave us some simple A Beka readers for him to practice with, too: Tip and Gus.  Tip was a very easy task for him, but Gus took a bit longer.  I think Patrick and I ended up having him read it 3 or 4 times to practice.

We also visited the big library on Tuesday afternoon. Eli picked out two books to read together, and one book to listen to on CD.  We've not started these yet, though. After our library visit, I decided that - for Eli anyway - I really prefer our town's smaller library (we have 2 libraries...a large one and a small one).  There aren't as many books in the small library, but that makes it easier for Eli to find and see books he's interested in.  The books are also organized a lot better, and I think (overall) it's tended to more thoughtfully...not to mention that it's physically closer to us!

In other news this week, Eli is now being asked to memorize Bible verses at church!  We've been practicing his verse this week, saying it in the morning and before bed.  Eli is very excited to have it down!

Unfortunately, we did miss his gymnastics practice this week - but for something special. Eli's grandparents took him to the circus!  He had a marvelous time, and I am hoping to post some of their pictures soon!

In math this week, we went back to Montessori methods.  Eli did a mixture of working on addition tables (mostly adding 1s and adding 2s), reviewing the concept of subtraction, working on the first half of the hundred board, and skip counting.  He LOVES skip counting, though he really has to work hard on figuring out the number patterns. We also used his Kumon work book for color by number and dot-to-dot puzzles.  Wednesday night, I noticed that he seems to be adding 1s very well, and now seems very solid with this concept.  His 2s have been a bit more challenging....though it was hysterically funny to see him realize that he doesn't have enough fingers to figure out 9+2....!  I have just started showing him how to "count up" 2 numbers, just like he "counted up" for adding 1.  We will continue to work on the addition tables for 2s this coming week, until he begins to memorize them (as he's nearly done for the ones).  Because of the combination of materials that he's currently using, he's beginning to see the relationship between the way a number is written (place value) and the number of "tens" and "units" that it has.

Sadly, we did accomplished very little in Social Studies this week.  We are supposed to be studying Korea this month, too...but it hasn't happened like it should.  And to top it off, I completely forgot to have him do our "50 States Friday" activity on Colorado...I will have to remedy this tomorrow!  Sadly, other than reviewing some Snap Circuit configurations and watching MythBusters, we've also neglected science this week.

We DID however, do a little bit of sticker art.  I've been sending Eli's homework to his daycare/preschool with him in the morning for him to do while I am at work, and he needed a new homework folder. We used his favorite TMNT stickers to write his name and used one of each of the turtles to decorate each corner.

We also completed a project that we started at our local home improvement store...a heart box!  Eli does an amazing job, and is usually able to complete 90% of the work himself...including interpreting the directions : ).  Please excuse my messy garage floor!!

Finally, we did a lot of kitchen time this week. Eli still truly loves to be in the kitchen.  One night, we made veggie fried rice and Eli helped do some prep work. FYI: he is very closely supervised when using these tools, though I don't usually have to interfere with what he's doing.

Cutting some green onions with child-sized kitchen scissors

Slicing zucchini with a Montessori tool
Eli also loves playing in the sink his version of washing dishes.  I think he finds it relaxing. He really gets quiet, concentrating on what he's doing...and always asks for more dishes to wash!  To date, I've only given him plastic dishes/tools, or unbreakable pots/pans.  Still - he loves it - and this week, I introduced him to the sprayer.

About to spray himself....!

Enjoying himself immensely...and entirely focused on his task

We're hoping to get one or two field trips (and a lot of art, science, and geography) in next week...but that wraps it up for now!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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