Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Math Class

Eli started the EPGY K-7 math class this week.  We decided to go ahead and start him off in the Kindergarten modules so that he could learn how to use the course interface and to make sure that he didn't have any learning gaps in Kindergarten math.  He did have a few struggles when he first started with listening to the questions, but quickly figured out how to work with the program. He LOVED the questions that required the use of a keyboard (he said he felt "grown up"). He loves the problems that contain concepts he knows, but that still make him think. Pattern and calendar questions were (by FAR) his favorites.  We actually spent a lot of time using the program in the last few days, and though I will be having Eli slow down soon, I'm proud of the progress he's made.

We have gotten into a routine of using EPGY for 10 minutes in the morning (and again in the afternoon) while Patrick and I are getting ready.  This is working REALLY well. For the last three days, it seems to have helped Eli to arrive at school with a calmer, more focused attitude.  Now that I have this in writing, of course, it will probably change...!  I haven't decided yet whether I like the program or not...I am going to reserve judgment until I see how it presents new concepts for the 1st grade material.  I can say that I do not think we are going to use the class again after this quarter; it's an interesting program, but it really doesn't fit my psuedo-Montessori style.

This morning, Eli finished the Kindergarten modules. He's now about to start the 1st grade modules, and we are going to decrease the amount of time he spends on EPGY. His next big learning goal in math is to learn how to add numbers that have a sum greater than 10.  I used bold for "his" because it's something that he wants to do and has asked us to demanded that we cried until we promised to teach him. Yikes!

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