Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Slither-y Field Trip

Science in our house is always interest-based and child-led.  At Eli's age and stage of development, I believe it's more important to follow his interests in the natural world than to have him complete a set curriculum or standards.  Lately, his interests are very eclectic, and it's become harder to answer and follow up on ALL of his questions (especially since I think I'm asked 100 questions an hour...!).  We've recently begun having him write down some topics he's interested in, and have just started teaching him to find books at the library that follow these topics. Can I get a "yay!" for research skills?!  Last week, he found a book on snakes that he loved. Seriously...what IS it with boys and creepy-crawlies?  At the same time, we were fortunate enough to get information on a snake presentation at a nearby state park, so we went.  Eli had a marvelous time...and we all learned a lot.  I cannot repeat nearly enough times what a wonderful job the park ranger did with his presentation. 

The park ranger taught us about corn snakes
Asking about the venomous fangs in the jar

Volunteering to "help" the ranger

Finding our that some snakes are heavy

This is what was hiding in the pillow case (it's a huge boa constrictor!)
Getting to pet the boa constrictor

Through the presentation, we got to see, learn about, and touch more than a dozen other types of snakes (all non-venomous of course!). Eli even took some pictures of his own : ).

This week's book that Eli picked from the library is on tarantulas...but I think I'm really, really, happy that no one near us offers a class about spiders : )!

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