Friday, January 2, 2015

"Home School" Week in Review

We've really not accomplished a lot today...or this week for that matter! I was planning to do my first "Week in Review" post today for our home schooling lessons...but this sums up a lot of our week:

Here we have a delightful combination of a  "Myth-Busters" marathon, puzzle-doing, and Lego-building.  Shall I go so far as to say our dear tiny one refused to leave the house this afternoon unless we recorded the "Myth Busters" episode that he was watching?  We're not sure how much he understands...but he sure loves it anyway!

We did start talking about one of the 12 countries we'd planned on studying this year: Japan. We'd originally planned to sign up for a subscription box that contains materials about a new country each month...until we saw one of the boxes and realized that it was nowhere near the depth that Eli would want/require. So, we're off to create our own "country boxes." We started this month with Japan because we have family living there, and we have a lot of information and materials to get him started.  He's been playing with his toy bullet train and track sent to him from Japan...eating Japanese snacks (dried anchovies mixed with almonds), etc. Today, we looked up a picture of the "real" bullet train in Japan and Eli noticed "a mountain" (Mt Fuji) in the background of a lot of the pictures. I showed him other pictures of Mt. Fuji and we discussed how it was similar and different than Stone Mountain (in GA). Since Mt. Fuji is technically a volcano, and Eli wasn't sure what a volcano was, we decided it was time for a science experiment.

First we gathered the materials. Soap, vinegar, water, baking soda, a glass pie plate, and a plastic beaker.

Then, after the mixing...

"Whoa! Look at all the bubbles!"

"Can I eat it?"
After making sure he knew NOT to eat it (because of the soap in this particular recipe), we DID tell him he could touch the bubbles and play with them!

Pleased with the eruption (so far...)

Topping off the beaker to keep the eruption going...

At first, he didn't like the feel of the bubbles popping on his hands, so we kept a rag nearby.

Then he began to enjoy playing with the bubbles...

And pouring them from tablespoon to beaker...and back again!
It's really funny to me that Eli still loves (LOVES) Montessori-style sensory activities (and this definitely is one)...yet can operate on a much higher level when he wants to. He actually really enjoyed the activity on multiple levels...seeing the "volcano" erupt, talking about the difference between a mountain and a volcano, to playing with the bubbles independently (for more than 30 minutes!).  So far, studying Japan is a hit, and we have several more Japan-based activities coming up.

In the other academic areas, we've not done very much this week. Eli is still begging to do his SNAP kit (we're doing about 2 projects a day), and he has really, really gotten into experimenting with paint. We've done a lot of painting (with everything from fingers to paintbrushes to leaves) with a few different types of paint (but mostly tempura and water color) lately. He really likes trying to mix colors to make new ones. I have some definite painting projects coming his way next week!

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