Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

(Almost) Patiently Letting Me Take a Pic!

 This week, we decided to register for an EPGY math class.  Eli loves using the computer for reading activities at, and he is excited about using the computer for math. I want him to continue to move forward in reading and in math, and felt like he needed something a little more structured (especially with my busy season at work approaching). We ended up registering for the Kindergarten math course (with the ability to test into the 1st grade level), and he started it today...and really enjoyed the first bit. We had some problems trying to do it with the iPad, so I will probably have him use the desktop from now on.  Using the computer should add an interesting dimension to what he's already been doing. There's nothing quite like being inundated with addition/subtraction facts (and questions!) fairly constantly...although he's not yet figured out how to do sums greater than 10.  I'm wondering if this will satisfy his curiosity and slow him down...or if it will have quite the opposite effect.  He did practice counting by 10s to 100 and telling time on an analog clock (whole hours only).

We've definitely had some struggles this week with time management. It's been a little hectic with some major life changes coming our way, and we're trying to manage all of our "irons in the fire." Unfortunately (and I'm sure you've noticed) the camera was somewhat missing in my hands this week : (.

In other news, Eli did start back at gymnastics, for the first time in about 2 years. He enjoyed the class this week, though he complained that he liked the boys' class better (he's now in a preschool group with mostly girls).

In geography, which is definitely a favorite here, we reviewed what a "canyon" is and the difference between a mountain and a volcano. We continued with "50 States Friday" (today was Arkansas) and we reviewed Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona.  Eli picked out a book on CD at the library about the 50 states and has been listening to the book over and over....even though the storyline is fiction, there are a lot of interesting facts about the states included.

After beginning to teach himself piano this week, Eli has asked to take violin lessons. We were gifted a tiny (1/16) Suzuki violin that Eli's uncle played when he was a tiny tot, and Eli has been so excited about it. It does need new strings, so we took it to the music store and ordered them. Hopefully, we'll have it fixed soon. As far as lessons go, Patrick and I will need to really discuss it. Eli's already out of the house two nights a week for activities, and I really think another activity is one too many. I think we're both hoping to maybe find someone to do occasional lessons - at least for now, while he's in such an exploratory phase of learning. In the meantime, we will encourage him to continue working on piano.

We had a great drawing lesson this week. Eli found some magnolia leaves on the ground and we brought them home to study.  We discussed (and drew!) the almost elliptical shapes of the leaves, along with the stem and the veins of the leaves. We finished the activity by doing some leaf rubbings with crayon, which was not as big a hit as I thought it would be - Eli definitely preferred freehand drawing.  Later, we also did a color wheel in Mason jars. We used drops of food coloring in 100mL of water in each jar, and arranged the jars into a color wheel.  It was really pretty! Color experiments have been a huge favorite lately.

Unfortunately, though, Eli has been really complaining about the work he has at his daycare/preschool. He's been having behavior issues at school. His teacher definitely does not understand how to work with a child who behaves like a typical 3 year old, but who has the mental abilities of a much older child. The teacher is having the children repeat work on letters and numbers that he's already done, and he's beyond bored. We're hoping that by sending work from home, he'll be happier and more engaged in what he's learning. He's almost ready to move up a reading level, and it's SO MUCH FUN to hear him read aloud. He's usually quite proud of himself, too. He has a near-obsession with books, and it's delightful to see. In the meantime, Patrick and I are doing everything we can to encourage him (without pushing him too hard).

Weekly Wrap-Up

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