Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was a little different and we really didn’t do much schoolwork. When writing this post, I realized that “we really didn’t have time to do____” came up an awful lot.  It really was a crazy-busy week. Eli spent the night with his grandparents on Wednesday (they picked him up from school after Tumblebus), and they took him to a little place called Tiny Town. Eli got to drive a miniature car through a mock-up of a town, and he got to play a ton of games. He learned a lot and had a BLAST! 

We did manage to do some work on phonics (  Eli loves the website, the animated storybooks and the games on the site…it’s usually the first thing he asks to do when he gets home.   He’s now figured out most “silent e” words and most vowel digraph words (ai, ay, oa, and ea).  It still takes him a while to decode, so we’re careful to only work on reading when he wants to. I want it to be something he enjoys doing…and so far, so good. He’s not really worked much on sight words lately, but when I quizzed him at the end of the week, he still knew at least 60 of them (which is a couple more than last month). 

We really didn’t intentionally work on math this week. Eli got out a math workbook Wednesday morning before school and worked through several pages. He was primarily focused on writing the numbers and the number words. He recognizes the numbers words “three”, “four,”  “five,” and “six.”  I’m hoping that he will learn the number word for “one” this week. I’m going to present it as a sight word and have him practice writing, drawing, and spelling it.  I’m hoping to get him to work in his Kumon book this week. The one that he’s using right now is 100% dot-to-dot puzzles and color by number exercises…and he loves it!  I’m currently looking to purchase a set of base 10 blocks (decimal mods) to help him eventually learn to represent and add numbers up to 1000 (which he calls 10 hundred).  He currently can add/subtract within 10 competently.

Eli did work on his SNAP kit once this week, and seemed to really enjoy it, but hasn’t focused on it as much, since we were really busy.  We also missed our Japan lesson this week. We started it, but Eli lost interest part of the way through, and we stopped. We’ll try again later; it was a Pinterest activity on replicating the painting “The Great Wave of Kanagawa”. We DID do the 50 States Friday…and Eli learned about Alabama and Alaska (we’re going alphabetically).  We’re only (technically) supposed to learn the name and location of about 1 state per week….but Eli got excited and did two.  He’s still learning the difference between cities, states, countries, and continents, but definitely understands that a map is a shows distance between real places.  

The highlight of the week was when we managed to FINALLY do the sewing project he’s been begging to do…we made a small Star Wars pillow!  I made one for Patrick, then I helped Eli make his own.  He learned about folding and pinning the fabric, sewing the edges (I ran the machine and helped him guide the fabric through), and stuffing the pillow (he did this part with Patrick – and loved it!). Then, he watched me sew it closed.  He and Patrick have enjoyed using them, and they ended up pretty cute!  While I had the machine out, I also went ahead and made Eli a pair of pajama pants.  His length is close 4T/5T in pajamas…but his waist is still 2T/3T. 

Whew! That’s more than I thought it would be! And other than a slightly horrifying conversation in which Eli cheerfully told me that he wanted to cook his teacher into a burrito…that was our week!

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