Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Super WHY" No Longer Super

Yesterday, Eli got some TV time and used it to watch "Super Why."  For the first time, Eli actually got frustrated at the show and shook his head sadly, saying "Poor Wyatt STILL doesn't know his letters.  I don't think he'll ever get them." 

If you've never seen the show, the main character, Wyatt, frequently asks "What super letters do you see?" Wyatt pauses after the question to give kids a chance to think.  Because Wyatt always asks what the letters are, but a different voice reads the letters, Eli has decided that Wyatt has no idea what they are. Eli's firmly convinced that Wyatt will never be able to read his letters...because (according to Eli) in the last two years, Wyatt still "needs help." Come to think of it...I don't think I've ever seen Wyatt read or write without the help of his friends, his "magic" pen or his "super" computer....Eli might be on to something! At least Eli learned a lot from the show, even though Wyatt, apparently, has not.

I think we're heading to the end of his interest with that particular show....so thankful that Sesame Street is still beloved in our household, and that there are other really cute kids' shows out there!

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