Monday, January 26, 2015


Eli has shown a lot of interest in music in the last few days. On Saturday, he got his tiny electric piano out for the first time in a while. He'd been watching a Pororo video about musical instruments and got inspired :). I found his music books for him (that haven't been touched in quite a long time!) and he went to town. I helped him on Saturday with learning where some of the notes were and with reading the book. In the beginning books that he has, all notes are labeled with their letter name (and so is his keyboard). I showed him how to play the first song...all of about 4 measures, using only one hand. He quickly was able to memorize and practiced getting his fingers to do as he wanted them to. After twenty minutes or so, he was done.

Today, he went for his piano immediately after we got home.  I went over the next song with him, and showed him what a "rest" means. We started talking a little bit about "long" notes and "short" notes. Then, I let him alone to see what he would do. To my surprise, he not only stayed and practiced the same song a few times, he began to flip through the book and find other songs to play.  He only practiced for about 10 or 15 minutes, but in that time was able to figure out several of the little beginner's songs. He seems interested enough that we designated one of his school drawers for his piano books. I'm hoping he'll practice a couple more times this week...but really don't want to force him. He's been asking about playing the violin, too...because (once again) he saw one on Pororo. I wish we had a Suzuki class in our area!  I'm hoping my Patrick's mom might have an old one leftover from her music-teaching days, so that he can at least explore the feel and sounds for himself. In the meantime, we'll wait for summer to see if he's still interested then. I think a gymnastics class will be PLENTY to keep him occupied for the rest of the semester.

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