Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Home" School Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was hectic again!  I think life will probably stay that way for a while, especially since we have some additional/extra family stuff going on (all positive!).  Adding in the fact that all 3 of us have a cold, means that none of us have been very productive this week!

Project 52 pic of the week

Still, some things DID get done!

Eli began working on his Level 1 Korean workbook.  He's currently learning the Korean consonants.  He had a blast with the workbook last night, and I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures!  I'm actually going to try starting him on Rosetta Stone soon, without the reading/writing component (for now).  If anyone knows of a kid-friendlier version of Korean language software, let me know!  Eli's also interested in learning Spanish, so I might begin exposing him to that, too...but we'll see.

He spent a little (very little) time working on reading and math this week. I think that he may be in a period of consolidation for reading, but I'm not sure. He's wanted to be read to a LOT this week, but hasn't been interested in reading for himself. We discovered (and now love) the Disney Storybook app for iPad. I bought some tokens for the app, and have doled them out to him one at at time for him to choose books. He can have the books read to him repeatedly, and he loves it. I think he listened to the same book at least 20 times last night.  This is the app he usually goes to first when he gets iPad time (which is about once a week).

We did start "Fifty-States Friday" in our house. We are going alphabetically through the states, finding them on the puzzle map, tracing the name, and looking up an interesting fact about the state.  So, far we've done Alabama and Alaska.

We've been studying the country of Japan this month at home. This week, we looked at the Japanese Flag and painted one!

Eli has been really excited about painting anything lately, especially when it comes to mixing colors, so we began learning about the color wheel and primary/secondary colors.  This activity was a HUGE hit and he told me that he wants to do it again and again!

We started with a hand-drawn color wheel.

Our primary colors in the palette...I did one, too, to demonstrate for Eli.

The finished color wheels.
The rest of our week (at least the sunny part of it) was spent doing things life this:

Now, off to the coffee shop, so that I can get my weekly caffeine fix!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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