Friday, December 12, 2014

Eli's Number Kick

So, I have really wanted to blog a LOT these last few days, but I'm having to hold back quite a bit of family information for the time being. I can say that we are currently working on another adoption!  The rest is not blog-able right now, for privacy reasons. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a little more of my sweet guy, Eli. He's learning at an incredibly fast rate (STILL) and we are trying to follow his lead at home. He was on a numbers kick over Thanksgiving break, and asked to do some subtraction. When he has Montessori manipulatives in front of him, he can actually subtract quite large numbers, but he wanted to work these "in his head."

Earlier, I'd heard him mumbling numbers, and asked him what he was saying. He replied, "2, 4, 6, 8....10". I asked him who taught him to count by twos, and he said, "I just figured it out....but it took me a looong time!"

He definitely can count well past 200.  Occasionally, he'll just start counting and keep going. Last time, he stopped at 152, and exclaimed "These numbers just keep going.  They never stop."

The number kick didn't last long. He's kinda bouncing around with his interests a little bit right now, looking for something that suits him, I think. He's been working on a little bit of everything this week.

Still, it continues to surprised people when he speaks. He has conversations with everyone around him who will listen...and it IS funny to hear his tiny voice start a sentence with "Well, actually, I was thinking..." And trust's awesome to have my 3 year old say "I'm gonna call Grandpa and Grandma," then actually dial the number from memory and have a 10-15 minute conversation.

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