Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Yay! I love Thanksgiving. A time to rest before the end of the semester, to start decorating the house for Christmas, and to relax together. I enjoy teaching, but this is the time of year, when I appreciate that life slows down a bit and I have more time to spend with Patrick and Eli. While we nearly missed the Thanksgiving day parade AND the lighting of the Great Tree on TV yesterday, we did have very, very good food. For the first time in years of trying, I finally mastered a gluten free green bean casserole...and it was amazing! Patrick made some actual fried onions for topping, since the ones in the grocery store are off limits for me. Eli was thrilled to participate in cooking the dinner. Last year, he made a small apple pie (in a large ramekin) with leftover pie crust dough. This year, I made sure to save him some pie crust dough so that he could make his own again. He decided to make a small strawberry pie with some strawberries we'd frozen back in June. His pie was delicious! Eli also helped make the dressing by crumbling G/F biscuits and cornbread, cracking eggs, ladling in home made chicken stock, and peeling hard boiled eggs. He really wanted to make his own dish, too, so I let him make the mashed potatoes. Although I usually make mashed potatoes from, well, potatoes, it is something of a tradition now for us to have boxed potatoes on Thanksgiving. This was right up Eli's alley. I read the directions to him, and stood beside him to supervise, but he did it by himself. He was so funny, asking repeatedly if everyone had tried his potatoes, liked his potatoes, etc. It was adorable. He really wanted Uncle Lee, Aunt Miyu, and Emma to have his potatoes too...but we were happy to be able to Skype with Uncle Lee after dinner. It was also nice to have a chance to celebrate Patrick's mother's birthday : ). Everyone got the giggles when I suggested she make her birthday wish for more grandchildren.

We all ate much more than we should, but it was delicious!  I made a GIGANTIC dish of my great-grandmother's dressing, so we will be in leftovers for a while...though the pies have all but disappeared (a third of one pie is left) and the turkey was so amazing, it is almost gone, too. Patrick did a fantastic job on it this year...and has earned rave reviews. Later, we made time to watch the first Christmas movie of the season (Elf). I really can't believe that Thanksgiving is behind us and the first Sunday of Advent is almost here...I'm not ready yet! I can't wait to get a tree, make an Advent wreath, make our yearly photo books, and enjoy the season.

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