Friday, September 12, 2014

Mrs. M

One of the teacher's at Eli's school was in a terrible car accident recently....and she was 32 weeks pregnant. Thankfully, although she was severely injured, she has been released from the hospital and is healing. Unfortunately, because of the severity of her injuries and the care she needed, the doctors were forced to perform an emergency c-section. Her baby is currently in the NICU at a local hospital.

Eli knows that Mrs. M won't be back to school anytime soon. She was not his regular teacher, though he does know who she is. His school is running a fundraiser to help her with medical expenses. Eli was both sad and hopeful the day that he got his fundraiser packet.

He said, "Mrs M. had a baby in her tummy, Oma. But she was in a crash and got hurt and went to the doctor. The doctor took the baby out of her tummy and he's sick.  I prayed for Mrs. M today at nap time because I want her to get better. You think God will make her better?"

I nearly fell out crying. He was so genuine, and has such a loving soul. If he thought there was a way for him, personally, to make Mrs. M and her baby well, he would do it.  We are praying for Mrs. M and her family, and hope anyone who reads this will, too.

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