Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

 {Fireworks from Gwinnett's community party}

First, we hope everyone had a nice of a 4th of July as we did!  It has been a very nice, quiet summer around here. Aside from a few chores that needed to be taken care of, we have managed to be very low key for most of the summer. I think that, after the more difficult school year that Patrick and I each experienced this year (for various reasons), we really needed this chance to decompress. We've had long enough now to rest and to begin looking forward to the next school year. BUT, by the time the 4th of July rolled around, we were rested enough to seek out some fun. Patrick was asked to play trumpet with the Gwinnett Community Band for a public party/fireworks celebration. We decided to all go, and there was plenty of fun to be had : ).

{Patrick looking spiffy in his band uniform}
At the party, there were tons vendors selling snacks/desserts; they also had tons of rides and inflatables...they even a had Chick Fil A cow : ). Did I mention Eli LOVES cows...??  He has asked me repeatedly if he could have a real cow...including promising to keep it in his room. He shrieked and ran for the poor cow as soon as he saw it!
Upon meeting said cow, Eli became completely star struck and just stared.  Later, of course, I heard all about the cow (repeatedly!).

Eli also managed to have a great time on the inflatables. He waited his turn each time, oh-so-patiently.

And yes, he was barefoot. Since they don't allow shoes on inflatables, I let Eli go shoeless while he played. In hindsight, I am VERY, VERY grateful that he had on a bug band (the yellow thing on his ankle). The grass we were in had an unfortunate infestation of chiggers. While they avoided my bug-band-clad son, they decided I was an all-you-can-eat buffet (even though I had shoes on).  Yikes!

The inflatable guy asked me if Eli was going to go by himself or not. Of course Eli wanted to go by himself ("like a big boy"), and he expressed that he understood the safety rules.  He did a great job, and had a ton of fun : )!

 {Stopping to say, "HEY, OMA!!}

{And seriously, he climbed this slide unbelievably quickly!}

{I didn't let him do the bungee jump}

While we did have to wait a long time to ride this Thomas look-alike train, the smile was definitely worth it. And quite fun...I think the driver had dreams of NASCAR.

And, although Eli was not able to do the water slide (they had it closed by the time we found it), it did not stop him from having fun with the water still on the ground!

And of course, we got great seats to hear the band !!

{ Patrick's dad, Jack, conducted the band}

 {Eli dancing to the music}
{Eli...being Eli! }

Did I mention the fireworks?  I don't know who put together the show...but they were beautiful. Again, happy belated 4th!

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