Monday, June 9, 2014

Imaginary Friend

We have seen the appearance of an imaginary friend!  I'm kinda tickled, because I went through an imaginary friend stage when I was 3 or 4, and even though I don't really remember it, my family members do... and it's funny to hear them talk about it.  Eli's imaginary friend is an "alien" named "Tooke" (I though it was spelled "Tuke", which is how it's pronounced, but Eli corrected me...). Tooke changes color everyday, and defeats fire monsters with a water hose (which, incidentally, is exactly how Eli says that he defeats fire monsters...though he says a water gun is okay if he doesn't have a hose). Eli has been pretending to call "Tooke" on the phone to ask him questions or have conversations.

Earlier today, Eli pretended to call "Tooke" on an imaginary phone.  According to Eli, "Tooke" was at Wal-Mart (I am not sure if "Tooke" lives there, or was just hanging out).

Eli: Hey, wanna mochi ice cream?  It's chocolate.  No?  You sure?  OKay, I'll eat it for you.  Hey...Oma...Tooke says I can have his, so I get two of them, okay?

Nice, bargaining attempt, but no dice...Eli only got one mochi..."Tooke's" is still in the freezer.

And if you haven't had chocolate mochi ice cream, it's the BEST THING EVER.  Seriously.  Find some.  It's a dollop of rich chocolate ice cream wrapped in a sweet  rice-flour concotion that is delicious. We get ours from a local Asian market, but most international-type grocery stores should have it....and it's even gluten-free.  It you can't tell, it is a serious family favorite....right up there with my husband's awesome hot wings.

Even though "Tooke" is the only "family member" to pass up mochi ice cream and hot wings, he did, apparently, "tell" Eli to save him some broccoli from dinner....from Eli's plate, if you see where this is headed!

At least "Tooke" has been a great distraction. Poor Eli has had two allergic reactions this week to bug bites.  We are trying out some different types of bug bands to try to prevent bites - hopefully one or more types will work. We're trying to avoid having to use a DEET spray, but will if nothing else works.  One of the bites happened at school, and somehow, neither Eli nor his teacher realized that he had a golf-ball sized swelling on his tiny leg.  Our doctor did take a look at it, but advised antihistamines and prevention. Then he got bitten AGAIN, this time at home.  The crazy part is that he got bitten several times...while neither Patrick nor I was affected...and at least one of us was with him all day!  We want to find something that works (and quickly) because he loves to play outside.

Oh - and according to Eli, "Tooke" was sad that he missed going to the dentist today. Eli got to go and have all of the fun.  Yes, fun.  Eli loves his dentist. So much that I told him that I would take him for Christmas (as one of his gifts) - and he was thrilled : ).  I would very much like to know where the sticker-giving, "racecar toothbrush" wielding, cool movies-projected-onto-the-ceiling dentists were when I was a kid...

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