Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family Dictionary

Eli has some cute, often funny ways of expressing himself. I thought I would take the time to write down some of his new phrases that seem to have become some of our family's vocabulary....and to give some insight as to what he's talking about these days.

Strawberry Masher: to most people, this is a potato masher. We use ours for making strawberry jam in the summer, so Eli calls it as he sees it.

A: most people say "hey." Not Eli. He also frequently uses "A you guys...!" The word 'guys' is pronounced with 2 or 3 syllables, depending on desire for attention.

Cool: Eli, but only if he's wearing sunglasses and/or a hat.

Hot: Might mean hot OR cold. Sometimes means uncomfortable. This one keeps us confused. We're trying to figure this out.

Hot Mess: Another (affectionate) name for Eli, when he is in a very silly (or contrary) mood. Also synonymous with Tater.

Kitten claws: Eli's fingernails. There's not a sharper, harder substance in the universe....and they grow so fast!

Tooke: Eli's imaginary friend, of course. He lives at Wal Mart and changes color everyday. He also confuses the dentist.

Rabies Shot: Having blood drawn. The only other time Eli'd seen a needle was when the cats and dogs got rabies shots, so he assumed that's what he was getting. He had to have a small amount drawn for his doctor's visit recently. Thankfully, he asked about his "rabies shot" in the car and NOT at top volume in the middle of the public library.

Driver: A steering wheel.

Bad Guys: Anybody at ALL when Eli is in "Yoda" mode. Sometimes they are imaginary.

Airplane fart: Exhaust from an airplane that leaves white trails in the sky.

Worm poop: Dirt or soil from the garden.

Quarrel: A squirrel. More exciting than birds, not as exciting as snakes.

I Don't Like (insert name of food): I love it, and will devour every last bite when I think no one is looking.

Kentucky: the homeland of "Turtleman."  Eli still has hero love for Turtleman. He also loves Guy Fieri, who is from "the grocery store".

Will n Zoey: The TV Show "The Little Couple." Eli loves watching this family on TV, and seriously looks forward to it every week.

Eat at the Table: Eat in a restaurant.

Ka Mee Ya: Come here.

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