Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Faith of a Child

Eli's Great-Grandma (Nita) passed away this week - she was almost 92, and very, very sweet.  I was really worried about how Eli would handle her death, as it is the first one he's experienced. I wondered how much he would understand, if anything. The day before her funeral, Patrick and I explained to him that she had died and what that means to us; then, we braced ourselves for questions. While he has had a few questions (some of which surprised even me), they seem to come up occasionally rather than all at once. He has been surprisingly quiet about the subject, which is very out-of-character. However, this morning, we were riding along to Eli's school, listening to a CD quietly play an a capella version of "Just a Little Talk with Jesus." 

Suddenly, Eli sat bolt upright and said, "Hey!! That's just like Great-Grandma!!"
I was confused, "What?"
Eli happily replied, "Great-Grandma gets to talk to Jesus now, just like in the song. She lives with Jesus in Heaven now, 'member?"

I have heard the Bible verses and preachers that talk about the "faith of a child," but when he said this, with the unwavering conviction that only a very innocent child possesses, it brought tears to my eyes. I know that he doesn't truly understand all of what has happened, but as long as what he does know brings him peace, then it's enough.

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