Sunday, May 18, 2014

Do Cows Like Bananas?

Eli asks questions without ceasing...I find myself answering his questions even in my dreams.  Most of his questions start with "why" or "how". He wants to know what everything is, how it works, how to put it together, why it has a certain name, etc. Some of his questions make sense...and some of them I've had to google to the answers to (what kind of bug is that?).

Some of his questions are really difficult....when his great grandmother passed away recently, Eli asked me if he was going to die one day, too.  He's also asking why Jesus was nailed a cross and how people could be so mean to Jesus....or to each other.

On the other hand, some of his questions are hysterically funny.  Why don't cats like vegetables?  (Because they are carnivores...too many veggies make them puke). Why don't horses use the bathrooms inside? (Because they don't have thumbs to flush the potty). Why is Jabba the Hut so weird looking? Ok....the Jabba the Hut one is a valid question....but only from people who think a lot of Star Wars characters look weird.

I was really tired today, so I turned the tables on our young questioner....and I asked him (out of the clear blue) "Do cows like to eat bananas?"  I thought he would giggle, laugh, say "I don't know" or something like that.

However, there was a brief moment of quiet as Eli thought very carefully about his answer. And then I realized how carefully he truly listens to our responses.

He replied, "Well, what we need to do is to get a banana. Then, we need to drive to a farm-one that has cows. We can ask the farmer if we can talk to his cows, and we will give them a banana. If they eat it, then we can say that cows eat bananas! If they don't eat it, the cows don't like bananas!"

I guess I can safely say that Eli is a (little) man with a plan.

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