Monday, April 28, 2014

Runaway Imagination and More...

Conversations with Eli have gotten to be very....interesting.  His imagination has been running away with him a little bit lately. Yesterday, he told Patrick that he wanted to kidnap all of Santa's reindeer and eat them for dinner. Then, he wanted to replace them with cows (that Eli would teach how to fly).  THEN he would eat the cows....and build Santa a flying car.  This was out of the clear blue...and has become very typical.  Last week, he wanted to cook and eat the Tumblebus...and he said that he would cut the tires up really small, so they wouldn't be too chewy.

Notice a theme?  Most of his imaginary play is with cooking/eating food; the rest is generally about building or making objects.  As each day passes, his play gets more creative and complicated. He went from only making "pancakes" with his play dough to make different types of meatballs, pancakes, okonomiyaki, eggs, etc.  He also loves to pretend to play baseball.  Not so much running the bases, but throwing the ball with great aim and trying to hit the ball when it's pitched to him (we use a small foam bat and foam ball). He was in hysterics last night when he connected with the ball for the first (and second) times ever.

I tried to interview him for a new post to see what kind of crazy answers he would come up with to my questions...but mostly he got very silly and answered all except one of my questions with "peanuts."  The question he answered was "what do you want to do later?"  He wanted to watch a movie (right now he is loving The Jungle Book).

He's also into working on his reading words. I supplemented his Montessori pink words with two phonics books that feature Elmo and Cookie Monster....he is LOVING those....and is currently teaching himself beginning/ending word sounds from the books.  I thought about starting him on the Dolch sight words, but generally, when I interfere with his independent learning (especially in reading) he gets irritated with me : ).  He is also loving to write letters and words. For about a week now, his favorite new letters to write have been "H" and "F".  We recently made a birthday card for his grandpa.  I had Eli write "Happy birthday Grandpa" by himself. I wrote it first, in large print, on a piece of paper. Then Eli took a stack of index cards, wrote one letter on each card (using different colors of notecards and markers), and we used metal brads to connect the cards. 

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