Monday, March 31, 2014

The Sky is Broken

As we were driving along to Eli's school this morning, I heard a gasp from the back seat. Eli exclaimed, "Oma!  The sky is broken! It has a crack in it!"  It turned out just to be the water trail from a plane....but my explanation confused Eli. Especially when I laughingly threw in extra information about Henny Penny ("The sky is falling, the sky is falling")....I forgot that we hadn't read this story together, and Eli took me seriously (at first). Poor guy...when I left him at school, he was still slightly puzzled.  I think he's stuck somewhere between thinking that the sky MIGHT actually be falling and that clouds are made from airplanes passing gas (since the exhaust comes out from behind the airplane's tail).

On another note, we are back tracking with the night training. Eli is struggling to get up to go to the bathroom at night, and he's not physically capable of going through the night without needing to wake up at least once.  He did a great job on Friday night and Saturday night (though he had a small accident near morning time), but last night was kinda rough. He started to ask for a pull-up, then changed his mind, then had a major accident (even after waking up to use the bathroom at around 11). We will see...I might MAKE him wear a pull up during the week, and let him try again over spring break (when life is at a slightly slower pace).

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