Saturday, March 29, 2014

Night Training

Ha! Eli is doing it on his own : ). He's been daytime potty trained for almost a year now, and other than a few accidents at his old school (which I firmly believe were the fault of his teachers), he's done a great job. We haven't broached night-time training with him at all, for many reasons. First, Eli had a lot of sleep issues when he came home from Korea - and after the first 6-8 months with little sleep, I was NOT about to wake a happily sleeping toddler for potty time.  Second, Eli had become a very, very deep sleeper and seemed to be unable/unaware of his need to use the bathroom while asleep. Third, he is growing up and gaining independence so quickly, I knew it was just a matter of time before he figured it out on his own. And as stupid as this sounds, a pull-up is the last bit of Eli's toddlerhood; when he stops using them, I will have to admit that my little baby is now a preschooler.  Patrick has been laughing at my (admittedly) ridiculous sentimentality over this.

At his new school, he firmly refused (from day 1) to wear pull-ups for nap time. We knew that the other kids in his class would not be wearing pull-ups, so the weekend before, we let him try to go without a pull up. He was successful on Saturday, but not Sunday. On Sunday, he told us he'd prefer to have a pull up at nap, so I packed a few in his backpack. However, when the other kids in the class said that pull-ups were for babies, the peer pressure gave Eli the push he needed to not use the pull up. So did seeing the pull-up wearing toddlers/babies across the hall from his classroom ; ).  The great part is that since Eli decided that he didn't need the pull up at nap time, he truly hasn't needed it. After nearly 3 weeks of not wearing a pull up for naps, Eli came home and said he didn't want to wear 'night pants' (pull-ups) anymore. He told us that he knew "those are really diapers" and that he is a big boy.

Yikes. We told Eli that if he wanted to try going without a pull-up at night that he could try it on a Friday (because I would have extra time Saturday to wash bedding). I secretly put disposable "puppy pads" under his sheet (to protect his mattress), then we tucked him in. I woke him at 11, before I went to bed to go to the bathroom, which he did (and went back to sleep seamlessly). Patrick and I left the hall light on last night, in case Eli needed it for the bathroom. Eli woke at about 6 AM saying he'd wet the bed and still needed to go potty. We told him to go on and potty while we looked at his bed. He'd had a tiny accident - I actually think this is what woke him up - but nothing even hit the sheets.

Night one: Success!

Night two: Anybody's guess!!

I talked to Eli this morning, and he was very, very proud of himself for "not needing to wear a diaper or pull-ups". I explained to him that as long as he wanted to get up at night and use the potty when he needed it, he didn't have to wear pull-ups - BUT if he started getting too tired to get up or having a lot of accidents, we would use the pull-ups for a little while longer. He was very happy with this arrangement, and cheerfully told me that he didn't need the pull-ups anymore.

Like so many other things, I've decided to wait and see what he does. If he shows us that he's truly not ready in the next few days, I'll put him back in pull-ups for a couple months and tell him that he has to stay dry in order to not wear them anymore.  If he's really ready...look out world!

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