Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mid-Week Musing

It was so wonderful to see my sweet son walking down the sidewalk with me yesterday, chatting about the sights (mostly flags hanging in doorways and birds) and the possibility of him playing soccer at his new school. He had ice cream (strawberry!) in one hand and a spoon in the other; we stopped every 5 or 6 steps for him to take a bite. I can't believe he's three!! It was the picture of what I'd always thought our relationship would be at this age...comfortable, happy, relaxed, and fun.  I wish I had my camera....but I was also glad to not have it  : ).

And it's amazing to see how much happier he is about his change in schools, too. I think the change did a lot for building trust between the three of us. He was happy and excited this morning, though he did remind me several times NOT to turn down the road that his old school was on.  I wish I knew sooner how badly that he was feeling, but I am grateful that we moved him when we did. We did have a meeting at the local Montessori school, which I thought Eli would love. He did like the school, but after the meeting/evaluation (which he passed very easily), Eli asked if he could stay in his new school. He likes it better : )!

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