Thursday, February 27, 2014


Eli has been writing a recognizable form of his name for a while now, and he really seems to enjoy attempting to write letters or words. I loved the moment  he discovered how to write the letter p. he wanted to write "pizza" and asked how to spell it. He thought a moment and said "p is a circle and a line going down, right?".  There are several letters that he can put together that are recognizable, but in the past, he's always needed a fairly large space (like his easel or my dry erase board at school). Quite honestly, before this week, he really need an entire piece of paper for writing just one or two letters. On Monday, Eli decided to practice writing his name on our small dry erase board (it is actually a small breakfast tray that happened to have a white, dry-erase type surface that we were given as a gift). He was really very funny; saying in a loud, gruff voice "I will write my name BIG," then in a squeaky little whisper say "I will write my name so teeny tiny small." He played this way for about half an hour before tiring and choosing to do something else.

Tonight, Eli was restless and a little clingy. He had energy, but wasn't really interested in playing toys. So, I showed him his first "Connect the Dots" activity. It was a book that I picked up at the dollar store that has only 10 dots to connect on each page. I had Eli trace where the dots needed to be connected, then gave him a marker and let him go to town (I did help him somewhat with the first two, so that he got the idea). After completing a dozen or so of these on his own, he said that he wanted to get some "work" for him out of the closet. It has been months since Eli selected the book that he chose tonight. He flipped through and quickly did several activities...then stumbled onto the writing pages. The letters were drawn...with DOTS!  Mr. Dot-to-Dot thought this was pretty cool (especially since the "dots" were so close together), and he got excited about writing. He randomly meandered through a few letters before I thought to grab the camera and hit record!  He was a little perturbed that marker doesn't wipe off of paper the way they erase from his dry-erase board, but he soon got the hang of it.  He was very pleased with himself : ). And - although you can't quite see in the video - he gave himself a very temporary "dinosaur tattoo" with his green marker - just for fun.

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