Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snowstorm Part Deux

Patrick and I are still in disbelief that we saw snow twice in one year. The second winter storm of 2014 came through last week; this time we were snowed in for only 2 days, though. Eli played some indoor games, we did some crafts, and Eli did his best impression of a (highly-supervised!) short-order cook. He really enjoys the Montessori-inspired activities we do and seems to learn a lot from them.  He now has his own working mat (an old flannel blanket), a desk area (a piano bench that a friend gave to me), and his own lamp (and he picked out the new lampshade. He has been very interested in coloring lately, so we saw a lot of this:

 After the snow melted enough for me to return to work on Friday, Eli got to spend some time with his grandparents, since his school was still closed. When they dropped him off with me at the end of my day, I had to stay to put in a few grades for my students. I was really tickled that Eli was truly fascinated with a pencil, protractor, compass, ruler, and pair of scissors. I let him sit at a desk and go to town on some pieces of paper that I'd had in my desk. He used the protractor to trace a letter "D" multiple times and tried to cut each one out. Thirty minutes later, my work was done, and he was still going strong : ).

At home, though, he had a chance to work on his mailbox opening-skills (one of his favs)!

He often opens it (as you can see, he can just barely reach), then turns around and says "I'm getting so much bigger!  I am growing BIG!".

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