Friday, February 21, 2014

Piano Lessons

Eli's been very intererested in playing his Appa's trumpet and his Grandpa's trombone since he came home from Korea. We actually got him a toy trumpet shortly after he got home so that he could feel like he was playing, too. This has really progressed to Eli actually being able to play a few different pitches on the trumpet, with solid buzzing skills (to make sounds on a trumpet, you must "buzz" your lips). He has also developed an interest in other instruments, including his drum and keyboard. When I saw him start to really try to touch keys with one finger at a time and calling out (correct!) note names, I decided it was time for me to start teaching him to play piano. I used to play in high school, and was able to take lessons well into my first year in college - thanks to a scholarship from a church I was attending and a practice keyboard from Patrick's parents.

So far, Eli's definitely shown that he knows the names of all of the "white" keys. He is enjoying playing one note at a time, naming the note. He can find "middle C" and is learning to position his hands while playing a scale. He likes to play random keys and try to play chords, which is interesting to hear. We have two pre-beginner music books, and I have been helping Eli position his hand and push the keys to play some of the simpler songs. Since he knows the note names of each of the piano keys, and since the note names are written below the music in the books I have for him, he actually understands which notes to play. With help, he has been able to work through a few little songs like "Hot Cross Buns".   This will be fun to see how much he learns before he moves on to a new interest (which he does frequently) - unless he stays as interested in piano as he has with trumpet.

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