Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Korean New Year

We were able to celebrate our Korean New Year with some other adoptive families this year, thanks to an announcement by a fellow blogger!  We met a lot of very nice families, and it was wonderful to be able to fellowship and listen to others' adoption stories. Eli was able to participate in the "seh beh" (sp?) ceremony, eat traditional Korean food (like tteokguk and kimchi), and run/play with quite a few other children (and he did try to play the Korean version of "hackey sack", but it eventually turned into just tossing the toys with his hands). Although many people were learning how to play the game "yut nori" (the "four stick game"), Eli was too wound up to sit still and learn to play. In fact, he was very hyper all evening (especially after dinner); I am not sure if it was the new surroundings or if he was picking up on everyone's excitement, but he was certainly not himself! Patrick and I debated about whether to take him out and have him calm down for a few minutes, but decided that doing so might backfire and cause him to melt down completely. Even so, we all had a wonderful time, and look forward to being able to get together with everyone again soon!

As we did last year, we did take red envelopes (no money!) and Korean cookies to Eli's friends at school for New Year this Monday (we planned for Friday, but snow-ma-geddon had other plans for us). Eli's teachers do a lesson about Lunar New Year every year, and since we celebrate it in our house, we volunteer to 'sponsor' the holiday. Eli really enjoyed being able to take a picture of himself in a han bok to show and tell, and getting to talk to his friends about everything we did.

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