Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big(ger) Boy Bed

Eli has been sleeping in a little toddler bed, and Patrick and I had planned to switch him over to a full-sized bed whenever it seemed like the right thing to do. The time has come. His toddler bed has served him very well, but Eli really had started asking about having a "big bed" so that all of his stuffed animals could sleep with him (there was really no room for this in his toddler bed). As silly as Eli's reason for wanting a big bed might seem, there were some good reasons to consider his wish sincerely. He was going to need to switch in the next year or so anyway, for one....and it would be nice to make the switch while he's gung-ho about it.  Patrick and I actually did try to talk him out of the move at first...but once the option existed for Eli, he insisted that the big bed was what he wanted.  BUT...I was genuinely hesitant for a few reasons...for one, taking out his toddler bed and giving him a big bed seems so....grown up. Call me a sentimental fool, but I actually cried a little over this transition. Then, I reminded myself that as long as he requires pull-ups at night, he's not THAT grown up. I was also thinking that the full bed would take up too much of his space. While it certainly does take up more space than his toddler bed, the combination of having room to store his stuffed animals on the bed and the decision to put some of his larger books in his closet (now that he can open his closet by himself) seemed to help us ALMOST break even on floor space.  And with Eli's cousin Emma (and Uncle Lee and Aunt Miyu) visiting soon, it made sense to change his bed out, so that we could use his crib mattress for Emma to sleep on.  And the full-size bed we have is actually lower to the ground than his toddler bed (which is really counter-intuitive); this should help him when we decide to tackle night-training.

We made the change last weekend. I have to say, though, that I do love a few things about the new set-up. For one, the way the bed is now, it is actually shorter (height-wise) than Eli's toddler bed, making it much easier for him to actually get into and out of it. This should make things easier when Eli decides to night-train.  For another, I love being able to lay next to him to read a story, watch a video, or cuddle before bed. It also gives him a really nice place to read and relax, and Eli seems much happier about it.  I started to lay down next to him during nap time earlier...and it is a very, very comfortable place. However, for now, it is taking him a lot longer to fall asleep...did I mention that all of his stuffed toys are now with him at night??  He talks and talks to them, and is just so excited about the change that he is finding it hard to settle.

The funniest part is that even though his bed now faces a different direction...and Eli is so used to sleeping a certain way that we are now finding him curled up at the bottom of his bed every time he goes to sleep : ).

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