Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

We are doing the snow dance, hoping to see a pretty white ground in the morning!  If the hopes and prayers of about 15,000 students (and teachers) in our district are answered, we'll have a snow day tomorrow : ). It has already been snowing lightly for about an hour : )!!  Eli is soooo excited : ). He is asking about snow incessantly. He got a snow day today from school, and is thrilled.  We did have some confusion where I ended up finding out very late about his school closing (they are closing really early today in anticipation of ice on the roads). I ended up having to bring him to work with me for a few minutes, until his Grandpa could pick him up and care for him for the rest of the school day.

Eli is having a great day, though. While he was here, he got to have an experience he has been wishing for...he got to "ride" a real school bus.  I currently have morning duty at my school, supervising students who are getting off the bus and entering the building. Eli was standing with me, all bundled up and thrilled just to be able to watch the "big kids" get off of the bus. One of the drivers, who looks exactly like Santa Claus, was dropping kids off, and I walked Eli over to see "Santa". He was thunderstruck. When Santa offered to let him get on the bus and look around, Eli accepted with slack-jawed wonder. He was absolutely starstruck. I got on with him, and let him sit on one of the seats. He was able to sit for a minute and take it all in, then got up and went to talk to Santa...except that when he got close to Santa again, he forgot every word he's ever learned : )!  After the buses had all arrived on campus, I took Eli to the breakfast line (where he started to talk again), and he was all "Santa drives a school bus??" and, because of the weather, I was able to reply "Who else could drive a school bus in the snow, but Santa and his helpers?"  Coolest. Day. Ever!  It only got better from there: Eli got to read his favorite book in my reading class (he read "Green Eggs and Ham" while the other kids were reading Farewell to Manzanar); then Grandpa checked in at the front office to pick him up (he LOVES spending the day with Grandpa and Grandma!).

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