Thursday, January 16, 2014


Other than occasionally having to be bribed to get up for school in the morning (not unlike the way I feel sometimes!), Eli does an amazing job getting ready for school in the morning.  Patrick and I usually get up first (okay, I lied...Patrick gets up, and I drag myself out of bed sometime after he showers), then we wake Eli. Patrick will turn Eli's light on, while I say things like "I'm going to eat all the bananas in the house if you don't get up!" or "Hey...we're making eggs, and you better hurry if you want one!"  Eli will fuss about getting out of bed for school...unless food is mentioned : ). Eli eats breakfast at school, but his school usually serves something like oatmeal and milk, while we often have eggs, pancakes, or sausage at home. Since these are foods Eli adores, Eli often eats "pre-breakfast" at home before school. In fact, I recently counted the number of times he eats in a day....and got 8 meals. Pre-breakfast, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack (at home), dinner, and dessert.  This is rather counter-intuitive, since his weight remains low, while his portions remain high (sometimes adult-sized portions). His teachers continue to be shocked that he eats 2-3 times as much as other kids his age. However, I'm excited to say the food is going somewhere...he's grown 2 inches since the first of October! This keeps him solidly between 3rd and 5th percentiles for height (and he was waaaayyyy below 3rd percentile for height when he came home).

Any way, once Eli is awake and out of bed, he gets ready fairly independently.  While I am getting dressed and ready, Eli takes himself to the bathroom, removes his pajamas, puts them in the dirty clothes, dresses himself (I lay his clothes on his chair for him) completely (socks, underwear, pants, shirt, sweater, shoes) and finds me for inspection. I make sure everything is on frontwards and correctly (his shoes are often on opposite feet!), then we comb his hair and have him brush teeth. He then finds "pack-pack", gets his vitamin from either Patrick or I, and eats a "pre-breakfast".  He still definitely needs help with his hair and teeth, though. He has a major case of bed-head most mornings!!  And while he loves to brush his teeth, he is two, which, by definition, means he's not generally thorough : ).

Not bad at all...especially since he's not yet three.  It is a little funny, though when Mr. Independent (who wants to do everything by himself) gets stuck in his shirt or sweater. This does happen occasionally, and it's hysterical to hear " Hey-yelp! hey-yelp! I STUCK!!" in the deepest southern twang of an accent.

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