Friday, January 31, 2014

FOUR snow days later...

My students...and exactly what they wished for...snow!  Lots and lots of snow! It started Tuesday morning, and by the time Eli, Patrick, and I got home at 2:30, this is what we saw:

The snow really came down for a few hours, then slowed. By morning, we had plenty for Eli to try sledding!

In total, we got a solid 2 inches of snow. Our driveway was completely iced over, and we were unable to get out from about mid-afternoon Tuesday until mid-afternoon Thursday. Eli had a lot of fun throwing snowballs (which he actually calls "hairballs" for some unknown reason), making snow angels, and playing with our neighbor's little girl (N is the same age as Eli). At one point, Eli even got a plastic rake, scooped up a bunch of snow with it, and was flinging it around the yard! And even yesterday, there was still enough snow to manage a small snowman on the back of the car : ).


Overall, Eli got 4 days out of school for snow/ice, while Patrick and I were out for three and a half days. We really enjoyed relaxing at home, watching movies, and letting Eli play in the powdery snow.

Today, Eli's grandparents decided to treat him to a movie.  Eli enjoys watching movies, and it's become a Friday night tradition in our house to cuddle together and watch a DVD. Eli also really enjoys going to the movies, and today was no exception. His grandparents took him to see an animated movie called "Nut Job", which he loved. Apparently, it's a movie that originated in Korea and had an all-Korean acting and technical crew...and apparently, Eli got a huge kick out of the rendition of "Gangnam Style" that is sung during the credits (with the characters dancing). I may have to see this one for myself when it comes out on demand!


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