Tuesday, January 14, 2014

B-E-D time

Eli has a new interest: spelling! We were all hanging out at home Sunday night, relaxing in the living room. It was dark out, and I'd already started our evening routine. Eli suddenly looked at Patrick and said, "Appa, is it 'b-e-d' time?". He spelled the word so carefully and clearly!  Patrick looked at Eli and asked him what "b-e-d" spelled. Eli correctly replied, "bed."  Patrick asked Eli if he could spell 'bed' with his magnets, so Eli ran to his easel, found the magnets and put them on the board to spell "e-d-b".  While we did correct his order (and he is starting to catch on that the order of letters matters to a word), we were excited to see him put this much information together. Later, he used his letters to spell several familiar words/phrases, like "Eli", "oma", "no", "go", "stop", "of", "the", etc.  We also put together some "-at" words, like rat, sat, mat, cat, etc.  It's really neat how he's simultaneously figuring out sight words and learning how to sound out words.  It's fun to hear him ask how to spell words, too! It's also a little scary how fast he learns!  We surprised his teachers Monday afternoon when I picked him up. The letter of the day had been "B". Eli's teacher gave him his "B" coloring sheet for the day, and asked Eli if he knew what the letter was. Eli answered him correctly. The teacher was all smiles & excited that Eli knew the answer, until I asked Eli what words start with "B". Eli grinned and said "B-e-d spells bed, so bed has a B!". He was very pleased with himself, whereas his teacher was in open-mouthed shock : ).  That was a lot of fun to see...because it was exactly how Patrick & I felt on Sunday!

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