Monday, December 9, 2013

O Christmas Tree...

Yes, it's here...finally!  We have a Christmas tree.  Whew!  We normally get one during the first few days of December, but Thanksgiving was a little late this year, and December always takes me by surprise : ).  I did manage, of course, to put up our outdoor lights, but the tree somehow got left out - until yesterday, of course. We normally get a smallish tree from the local tree farm. Patrick really didn't want to get a Leyland Cypress tree again, since he's allergic. So at the tree farm, he looked at a few different types of tree as we drove through the farm, and he picked out...a Leyland Cypress.  As we were driving through the farm, the conversations went something like this:

Patrick: What kind of tress are those?
Me: Leyland Cypress
Patrick: Too bad, those are pretty. Hey! (Pointing at a different plot) What kind of trees are those over there?
Me: Leyland Cypress
Patrick: Are you kidding me?
Me: No, of course not. Follow the signs for the cedar and Virginia Pine trees.
Patrick: Ok. Hmmm...these trees look...different...
Me: Those are Virginia Pines. They have a pretty shape.
Patrick: Those branches won't hold a cat. Why don't we go look at the Leyland Cypress again?
Me: But you're allergic.
Patrick: But not to the smell. And I don't have to touch it...

It the meantime, Eli is bouncing in his seat, repeatedly hollering "Christmas trees! Christmas trees!"

Nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, be it cedar, cypress or fir - and, though this tree is much smaller than last year's, it seems so much fuller and prettier. As always, we let it sit in the tree stand overnight so that the cats can get used to it BEFORE we decorate - there's nothing quite like trying to untangle a cat from garland and lights!

Eli is thrilled to have to the tree in the house, and I think he's going to be over-the-top excited to start decorating it tonight. He is begging me to hurry up and make his Christmas stocking (he picked out fabric for it last week); especially since we saw Santa Claus at the tree farm yesterday. And Santa gave him a peppermint candy cane. Eli is now in love with's almost the same reaction you'd get if you brought our cats a rotisserie chicken...suffice it to say - Eli is READY for Santa!! Our church is having a visit from Santa later this week, and Eli is already pumped up about that, too : ). Eli did a great job helping Patrick and I do a family reading for the second Sunday of Advent last week, and we're proud of him. He was more excited about "lighting two fires in church" than reading, though...thankfully his 'fires' were really the Advent candles ; ).

So back to the to-do list. Tonight, we will (finally) finish putting together a box to send to our family members in Japan. Although one of the hand-made gifts suffered an expected and very sad (but mostly repairable) mishap recently, all else is in good order and just needs to be packed up. To round off the week, we have a cookie exchange, a nativity presentation, and a visit to Santa....not to mention getting my students ready for finals...whew!

Why does it seem as though my Christmas 'to-do' list gets longer and longer, even though it should be getting shorter and shorter?

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