Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Favorite

Eli has a few new favorite characters since Christmas. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are among the new favs. He loved the Charlie Brown Christmas that came on so often during the holidays (hooray for DVR!), and we read the book version many times through the holidays. Pete the Cat became a returning favorite with his new book, "Pete the Cat Saves Christmas." If you've small kids, this is the CUTEST book I've seen in a while. And I love how Eli seems to hear "Pete's" message about being able to do big things even though you are small. I did manage to find a small stuffed version of Pete for Eli to hold when we read Pete's books (like we do for Skippyjon Jones : ) ).

But, as it happened last year, Santa decorated our Christmas tree with exciting books for Eli to see on Christmas Day. "Santa" found most of the books at a local consignment store back in the summer time ; ). It's part of my commitment to begin reading to Eli every day. We really didn't read to Eli regularly until around when he turned two, since he used to throw the most awful tantrums every time we tried. It's funny (& uncanny) now to look back on the videos of him learning to read when he was barely putting together two word sentences. Now, of course, he adores being read to and reading for himself. Like many little ones, he pretty much has his favorite few books memorized (in our case, Green Eggs & Ham; Brown Bear, Brown Bear; Giggle, Giggle, Quack). As important as it is to occasionally re-read these fun books, I also want Eli to branch out a bit. So Eli has had a chance to hear some new stories and some new (to him, anyway) characters in the last few days.

Enter Pippi Longstocking.

Tonight,, we read a book I chose...a very short children's version of Pippi Longstocking. Eli got a huge kick out of the story and the pictures. The sight of Pippi carrying her horse seemed to really tickle his funny bone.  I didn't realize, though, how much he was listening until bedtime. We have a ritual where I pretend that I have forgotten how to tuck him in, and toss the blanket on his head, while leaving his feet uncovered. He usually giggles, protests, and helps me fix his blankets the way he wants them. Tonight, however, he giggled, then flipped his head to the foot of his bed and insisted on being tucked in "Pippi's way." If you don't know, that means feet on the pillow, blankets over your head.  I did humor him for a minute...but although he let me fix his blanket a moment later (so that it wasn't over his head), he remained in the "Pippi-says-feet-on-pillow" position : ).

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