Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent, Week 1

Eli is very excited about his Advent calendar, and this week we've made peanut butter cookies, watched a Charlie Brown Christmas, hung our outside lights up (which Eli LOVES), and mailed our Christmas cards. Eli not only picked out the Christmas cards - he sat at his table and "signed" every. single. one. Then, he wanted to give everybody a Christmas sticker, so I let him put one on each envelope. To anymore who gets more than one...or who gets upside-down stickers...just know that Eli wanted you to have one.  I did keep one of the cards back to go in the scrapbook. Eli is at an age where any Christmas lights are giving him a little thrill, and luckily, our town does an amazing job decorating the square.  They put up so many lights, it is nearly blinding : ). We are still one of the few towns, too, I think, that displays a nativity - although ours is on the roof of our local coffee shop, rather than in the square itself. We are planning on getting "THE TREE" this weekend. Although we've had Leland cypress trees every year for a while, we recently discovered that Patrick may be allergic to them (judging by his reaction to our live Advent wreath), so we will have to decide on a new type.

Someone in our house, by the way, is very excited about Santa Claus, although I'm not sure how much he really understands. He still wants to ask Santa to fix his Pororo book (that he tore a page out of a few months ago), even though we keep trying to give him ideas. Patrick and I tried so hard to find a new copy of the book so that 'Santa' could "fix" it...but we have been unable to locate a copy for a reasonable price (all prices have been $50 or more, plus shipping from another county!).  I will keep looking, but I doubt very seriously that we'll be successful. We are taking him to see Santa on the 13th, with the other kids from his Sunday School class. He also has a new obsession with candy canes, and we're not sure why. Next week, though, we made sure to put finding good candy canes to decorate our Christmas tree part of his Advent activities.

And somehow this week, I finally made time to go through Eli's clothes and remove the 18 month sizes and many of the 2T sizes that are now too small. He blew through most of his 2T clothes in a month and a half. He still has some things that fit in that size...mostly pants...but it's another reminder that he is getting so big. Overall, he's gained 7 pounds and almost 3 inches this year. He is still only in the 5th percentile for US height/weight, but he is making up for lost time. He also still eats like a horse...or, as I have become fond of saying, he eats anything that doesn't outrun him.

On an interesting note, Eli decided that he needed to turn off the light in our living room about two nights ago. Patrick and I were shopping online for Christmas gifts & Eli made the announcement that he was going to turn off the lights.  Patrick and I kinda giggled, and said, "okay", because we knew Eli was too short to reach. Sure enough, Eli walked to the switch and said, "I can't reach!".  Then, to our surprise, he grabbed his chair, dragged it over to the light, climbed up and said, "uuugghhh!  I still can't reeeeaaaccchhh!".  We continued to watch as he went to his toy box, rummaged through it, and took out his spatula.  Just as we thought he was done trying to turn off the light, he walked to his chair, spatula in hand, climbed up and used his spatula to turn off the about tools that multitask! 

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